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Jennifer Taborski

BYHA Registrar

Phone: 708-707-2284

A Reminder..

In May 2014, the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) refined the rules for out of district players and all associations had to comply with the rules in order to be eligible to participate in the state tournament. For our association, WAHA determined that Winnebago County is considered in district if Illinois players reside north of Highway 173 and within the east and west borders of the county. Anything outside of this zone (in Illinois) is considered out of district. For those players considered out of district, each team is only allowed to take 2 out of district players.  Beginning for the 2016-2017 Beloit Hockey season, in an effort to reduce the potential of any problem(s) regarding where a player resides (defined as where the player eats, sleeps, attends school, and performs daily activities) verification of residence will be required for any new player to the association or any BYHA player with a change of address from the prior season (2016-2017). Verification of residence can be established by either providing a valid driver's license, a gas/light bill, etc. on the first night of registration check in.  BYHA recognizes that there may be exceptions; however, those exceptions must be brought to the attention of the president or registrar prior to tryouts for review.

If you have any further questions, please contact BYHA President Chad Larson at