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Calendar Raffle Drawing Update:

During the time frame between the first drawing that occurred on December 23rd, and preparing for the second drawing on December 30th, the entire drum of tickets were accidentally discarded into a trash receptacle. This action was NOT performed by a member of the Association, nor are they an employee of the City of Beloit. We then proceeded to go dumpster diving in hopes that they were still in there, and were unsuccessful in finding the bag containing the discarded tickets. The Wisconsin Office of Charitable Gaming was notified of the incident upon the discovery, and legal representation was obtained by the Association. The following is what the Association must do as stated from the Wisconsin Office of Charitable Gaming:

  1. The Association must refund the purchasers in the form of a check. The only acceptable proof of purchase to claim this money is to provide your physical half of the ticket stub. Screenshots and digital copies of a ticket stub cannot be honored. You will only be paid for the stubs from THIS raffle that you have in your possession. Meaning, if you bought out 10 tickets, but only kept 1 stub and discarded the rest, you will only be paid for the 1 stub.
  2. The time frame to submit a stub for reimbursement is 1 year from today. Any unclaimed money after a period of 1 year will be rolled into next season's raffle.
  3. The Association is NOT allowed to use these funds for any non raffle related expenses/reimbursements. These funds must remain in the raffle account untouched.
  4. We ask that you pass along this information to anyone you may have sold tickets to, as we don't have that information. We only know what families had what numerical ticket range.
  5. To submit you stubs for reimbursement, place them in a sealed envelope with the family and player(s) name on the outside, and place them in the metal box located outside of the concession stand.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at In 51 years of running raffles, this is a first, and we truly apologize for the inconvenience.

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