Understanding Penalties

Penalty Signals

Penalty Times

Level Period Minor Major Misconduct
Mite 12:00 1:00 3:00 6:00
Squirt 12:00 1:00 3:00 6:00
Peewee 15:00 1:30 4:00 8:00
Bantam 15:00 1:30 4:00 8:00
Midget 17:00 2:00 5:00 10:00

For a “MINOR PENALTY,” any player, other than a goalkeeper, shall be ruled off the ice for the designated minor penalty time during which time no substitute shall be permitted.

For a “MAJOR PENALTY,” any player, except the goalkeeper, shall be ruled off the ice for five minutes, or the designated major penalty time, during which time no on-ice substitute shall be permitted.

A “MISCONDUCT” penalty involves the removal of a player, other than a goalkeeper, from the game for a period of 10 minutes, or the designated misconduct penalty time, with immediate substitution taking place on ice. A player whose misconduct penalty has expired shall remain on the penalty bench until the next stoppage of play.

  • When a player receives a minor penalty plus a misconduct or game misconduct penalty at the same time, the penalized team shall immediately place an additional non-penalized player, other than a goalkeeper, on the penalty bench and such player may not be changed.
  • No other replacement for the penalized player shall be permitted to enter the game except from the penalty bench upon expiration of the penalty.
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