Hockey Glossary

Assist — An assist is credited in the scoring record to the offensive player or players involved in the play immediately preceding a goal. Maximum of two assists per goal.

Back Check — The action of the forwards skating back into their defensive zone to break up the opposing team’s offensive play.

Body Check — Using the body to impede an opponent who has possession of the puck to break up or disrupt an offensive play.

Breakaway — A scoring opportunity that occurs when there are no defending players between the puck carrier and the opposing goaltender.

Breakout — Movement of a team in possession of the puck out of its defensive zone.

Changing on the Fly — Substitution of players without a stoppage in play.

Clearing the Puck — Shooting the puck out of the defensive zone or away from the front of the goal.

Delayed Penalty — A team shall not be shorthanded on the ice more than two players at any one time because of imposed penalties. Therefore, should a team receive a third penalty, that penalty shall be delayed in its start until one of the preceding penalties has terminated.

Delayed Whistle — When a violation occurs, the official will not blow the whistle to stop play as long as the non-offending team is in possession of the puck. The moment the offending team touches the puck, play will be stopped.

Face-Off — Dropping the puck between one player from each team to initiate play.

Forechecking — Pressuring the opponent when they control the puck in the neutral or defensive zone.

Goal Crease — The area marked off in front of the goal. An offensive player may not enter the goal crease unless the puck is already inside this area.

Goal Judge — An off-ice official who sits behind the goal, outside the boards, and determines if the puck enters the goal. Should there be a difference of opinion, the referee will have the final decision.

Hat Trick — Term referring to a player scoring three goals in a single game.

Icing — A team, when both teams have an equal number of players on the ice, may not shoot the puck from behind the center red line over their opponent’s goal line (except if the puck goes into the goal).

Minor Officials — More commonly referred to as “off-ice officials.” Includes the goal judges, game timer, penalty timer and official scorer. Not all positions are utilized in youth games.

Offside — When an offensive player precedes the puck across the blue line and into the offensive zone. For an offside violation, a faceoff will be conducted in the neutral zone.

Poke Check — Using the blade of the stick to knock the puck away from an opponent.

Power Play — An attempt to score by a team which has a numerical advantage in players due to a penalty or penalties.

Referee’s Crease — A restricted area, marked by a red semi-circle, in front of the timer’s table which a player is prohibited from entering while the referee is reporting a penalty.

Screen — Offensive players positioning themselves to block or shield the opposing goaltender’s view of the puck.

Shorthanded — When a team is playing with one or two fewer players than their opponent due to penalties.

Slap Shot — A sweeping motion with an accentuated back swing to shoot the puck.

Slot — An unmarked area in front of the goal approximately 10 to 15 feet in diameter.

Wrist Shot — The motion of shooting the puck with the puck directly against the blade of the stick.

Zamboni — A machine used to resurface the ice between periods.

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