Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are some benefits to playing hockey?
  • Hockey has enormous appeal for children and adolescents. Hockey enables children to skate fast but challenges them to stay in control. The sport also provides a constructive means of channeling their energy. Like other sports, children learn about teamwork and get many opportunities to succeed. Because only a handful of players are on the ice at any given time, each skater must play a very active and important role.
  • Hockey also offers many health benefits. Drills, scrimmages and games provide aerobic as well as anaerobic training. Playing ice hockey also tones and strengthens every major muscle group. As a recreational sport, ice hockey is something children can carry into their adult lives.
  • How old must a child be to start hockey?
  • Many players start with learn to skate at age 4, but we encourage players of any age to start if they have an interest.
  • What are the different age levels?
  • 6U Mites
  • 8U Mites
  • 10U Squirt
  • 12U Peewee
  • 14U Bantam
  • Beloit Knights- High School Co-op (Beloit, Turner, Clinton, Parkview, Brodhead)
  • Raptors- High School Non Co-op Players
  • Girls Only Programs
  • 10U Jr Fury
  • 12U Jr Fury
  • 14U Jr Fury
  • Fury Girls- High School Co-op
  • Do boys and girls play on the same team?
  • Boys and girls can play on the same teams from Mite through High School. Girls may opt to join the Jr Fury 10U-14U programs, if available.
  • Will hockey take up a lot of my time?
  • Teams typically practice 2-3 times per week and have 2-4 games per weekend.
  • Is hockey safe?
  • Absolutely! Advancements in equipment and proper training by licensed coaches and referees have kept the game safe. For one thing, the equipment used by youth leagues is virtually identical to that worn by the pros. All sports have an element of risk as far a personal injury is concerned. Hockey ranks fourth for minor injuries in the 7 to 17 age group trailing football, soccer and snowboarding.
  • Is there a lot of traveling?
  • Most away games are held within an hour of Beloit. Roughly half of the games are held away while the remaining games will be held at home. Each team will also participate in a couple of tournaments which may require an overnight stay. Most teams use these opportunities for the players to bond and have fun.
  • Where do kids put their gear on?
  • When children are first beginning it is sometimes easier to bring them to the rink dressed, but we have locker rooms available for all teams to get ready in. Each team will be assigned a locker room for a given practice/game. Once players hit the Squirt level, players should be able to get dressed on their own (or need a little help from the coach). Parents are not allowed in the locker rooms and if their child needs help tying their skates, the player will need to come out of the locker room to meet with their parent. Peewee level and beyond the players should take care of everything themselves.
  • How long is the season?
  • The season usually runs from October-March. We get on the ice when the weather allows us to in October and the season runs through WAHA state tournaments in early March.
  • How many games do we play?
  • The total number of games for a season will be dependent on their level and what the coach/scheduler are able to schedule with surrounding teams. Sometimes this may range between 20-40 games a season.
  • What is WAHA?
  • WAHA (Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association)
  • How do I sign my child up for hockey?
  • You can register your child online. There is typically a registration link on the homepage when registration is open for the season.
  • How does a Zamboni work? 
  • First, a sharp blade shaves the surface of the ice, and a horizontal screw gathers the shavings. Then a vertical screw propels the shavings into a snow tank. Water is fed onto the ice from a wash-water tank, and a squeegee-like system flushes dirt out of any indentations in the ice. Next, the dirty water is vacuumed up, filtered, and returned to the tank. Finally, clean hot water is spread on the ice? Why Hot Water? The hotter the water, the more even a surface you'll get –the hot water melts that top layer when the Zamboni cuts across the ice!  This is one piece of equipment where studded tires are mandatory!
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