8U White Team

BYHA offers half ice hockey for all Mite aged players. The players will attend games at other ice arenas, including our own ice arena. The season is broken down into 2 sessions, first season ends after Christmas and the second season begins after the New Year.


2014 and under


Games typically begin the middle of November and are on Sundays.


Pratices and Home games at Edwards Ice Arena.

Away games will be at various ice arenas.


Practices are held during the week.


Home games are on Sunday at Edwards ice arena. Away games are also on Sunday.


Jerseys are $55.00. If you have a jersey from a prior season that may be used.

Extra Costs

Managers may ask parents to pay for extra tournaments that the BYHA does not pay for. Each team is also in charge of planning their own home tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I get my players jersey from?

Kim Staack 608-295-1227


Mites level is half ice hockey.  This program focuses on developing the player into a hockey player.  This is a travel hockey program.

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